Marked by a consistent 5-year track record of 3% monthly growth. Our dedicated pursuit of a 30% annual return is grounded in a commitment to your financial security, blending expert strategy with a deep sense of responsibility towards your lasting prosperity.

About us

At our hedge fund, we embody values of Trust, Transparency and Integrity.

Our unique strategy integrates Simple Moving Averages with High-Frequency and Algorithmic Trading, resulting in a consistent 3% monthly growth and a promising 30% Annual Percentage Yield (APY). With a solid foundation built over 5+ years, our track record speaks to our commitment to these core values.

We not only aim to achieve outstanding financial returns but also maintain the highest standards of ethical practice.

Our approach is transparent and grounded, ensuring our clients are always informed and confident in their investments with us

30% Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

3% Average Monthly Return (AMR)

+5 Years Of Investment Experience

Meet Our Team

Manuel Afonso Barbosa

Manuel Afonso Barbosa

Founder and Head Of Trading

Joao Cunha Cabral

Joao Cunha Cabral

Partner, Master In Business Development

Arnau Lavernia Vives

Arnau Lavernia Vives

HF Trader, Head of Algorithm Development

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